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Wood Chipping...

Now that you have safely cut down your tree(s) or limb(s), you need to discard the wood that is laying in your yard. Chipping is one of the best methods to get rid of the remaining branches and limbs from your tree removal project.

Chipping is the process of feeding the branches and limbs into a cutter, which grinds the branches and limbs into small wood chips. A very large pile of branches and limbs can be reduced into a small pile of wood chips.

Depending on the type of tree, the wood chips can serve as mulch for your garden. Or, TTS will load the wood chips into one of their trucks and haul them away for you.

Stump Grinding...

Your trees have been cut down, chopped up, and the limbs and branches have been chipped. Don't get out the lawn mower yet, because you still have a stump in your yard. TTS offers stump grinding services to get your lawn back in mowing condition.

Stump Grinding is the most widely used method to rid your property of tree stumps. A large cutter is used to literally grind the stump into small pieces. The remaining material is a mixture of sawdust and shredded wood chips. The stump will be ground until it is slightly below the surface, allowing you to topcoat with soil and grass seed.

Call TTS to find out more about their stump grinding services today.

Clean Up...

Have you ever hired somebody for a job and ended up with a bigger mess than what you began with? When you have a tree removed, it should be completely removed; it should not remain on your lawn in a big pile of logs and limbs. As a homeowner, you don’t need the hassle of having to call on several different contractors just to complete your tree removal project.

TTS Tree Service is the name you can count on to handle your entire tree removal project; even the clean up.