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Tree Removal...

TTS Tree Service is the trusted name for tree removal services in Canton, NY, Potsdam, Ogdensburg, and many other locations throughout St. Lawrence County. TTS Tree Service serves both commercial and residential markets.

Tree removal becomes necessary when trees are overgrown or have become damaged by acts of nature or disease. In any case, dangerous trees or problematic limbs need to be removed to ensure the safety of your family and the surrounding community.

Tree removal can also be employed for landscaping purposes. Removing trees can help stimulate grass and plant growth or strategically promote the growth of other trees, balancing the entire tree population on your property.
Whether you require commercial or residential tree services, TTS has become the trusted name in St. Lawrence County for all of your tree service needs.

Tree Pruning & Limb Removal...

While tree removal is often the prescribed cure, many problems can be taken care of by simply removing diseased or dangerous limbs. Damaged limbs can often be removed, allowing the tree to grow for many years to come.

Tree pruning and limb removal can be a complicated situation, however; overgrown limbs near roof tops or other structures are examples of such instances where experience and expertise are a necessity. While every tree removal situation is different and requires a unique approach, you need an experienced crew that uses standard and correct practices to ensure a safe and efficient job.

Give TTS Tree Service a call and they will visit your site to provide you with a free estimate for your tree pruning and limb removal needs.

Completing The Job...

Have you ever hired a company for a job and then ended up with a bigger mess than you began with? Unfortunately, this is the case with many other tree removal companies. They will be glad to cut your tree down, but oftentimes the homeowner is left to deal with the mess after the tree has been dropped.

TTS prides itself in being able to handle all your tree service needs. TTS will safely cut down your tree and chip or block the material; then, TTS will grind the stump below the surface of the ground.

When that 60' oak in your front yard seems like a job that is too big to handle, call TTS Tree Service. Your big problem will soon become a small hole in the ground; ready for you to fill with top soil and plant with grass seed.

And rest assured, TTS is fully insured.