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Tree Planting For Your Soil Conditions

Soil content, composition, and PH levels can vary from home to home. Understanding your soil content is important when planting a tree. Different trees thrive under different soil conditions. At TTS, we will test your soil content and then make a recommendation for a tree species that will thrive given your particular soil content.

Tree Planting For Your Home and Family

Planting trees can be very beneficial for your property. Trees can provide shade in the summer while allowing for passive solar energy in the winter. Tree plantings can also help to increase the value of your home by contributing to a well rounded landscape. Trees invite birds and wildlife, create oxygen for the environment, and consume excess carbon dioxide. Trees can also play host to family memories, as tree houses are built and tire swings are enjoyed. Trees become a part of our life as they grow and age along side of us. This is why TTS Tree Service does more than tree removal. We want to develop a lifelong relationship by providing arbor management services. Arbor management will help to promote a long and healthy life for your trees and landscape.

Tree Planting During The Right Season

Understanding the growth cycles of different tree species is very important when planting. Trees have specific growth cycles that must be taken into consideration when planting and transplanting. The fall and summer seasons are best for planting, but each tree begins and ends their growth cycle at specific times. Call TTS before the spring and fall seasons to begin designing your tree landscape.