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Tree Planting Services

TTS offers tree planting services that go beyond digging a hole in the ground and dropping a tree in it. To properly plant a tree in Northern New York, you need to have an understanding of our local environment and the arbor system within it. This involves testing soil content and understanding different tree species and different planting seasons.

All tree species thrive within certain soil conditions. At TTS, we will test your soil content and then make a recommendation for a tree species that will thrive, given your particular soil conditions.

Give TTS Tree Service a call for all your tree planting needs.

Canopy Pruning For Landscape Purposes

Tree pruning can be employed for more than emergency purposes. Removing specific limbs can be used to control the growth of trees and/or the plants around them.

Trimming your tree's canopy higher will allow more sunshine near the base of the tree, creating an environment more suitable for grass and plant growth. Alternately, emphasizing low growth branches helps in situations where you would want to deter grass or plant growth. Removing trees or pruning branches can also be used to promote the growth of new trees or young trees within your landscape.

TTS Tree Service knows more than just how to run a chainsaw. TTS Tree Service understands the trees of Northern New York and the important roles they play within your landscape. For a true understanding of your trees and landscape which they grow, call TTS Tree Service today. You might be surprised what you learn.

The TTS Difference

TTS Tree Service has taken a different approach to the tree service industry in Northern New York. While tree removal remains the core of our business, TTS understands the need to provide other services that are related to tree removal. This is why we offer services such as tree planting, herbicide and pesticide application, chipping, stump grinding, plus other services to help you with all your arbor related needs.

If you require tree removal services or other services related to trees, Give TTS a call. We will provide you with the consultation and guidance to handle all of your concerns, plus advice to avoid problems in the future.

TTS Tree Service... The trusted name for tree removal services in Northern New York.